MOERA is a raising trading company in Saudi Arabia which are looking for improve the trading environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the middle east. Our objectives are to enhance the product quality and reduce the cost of these product. However, what makes us the best is our warranty services that we offer to our client/customer. With MOERA you will experience a new experiment and you will have the best services you could ever had. In MOERA we believe that our clients/customers deserve the best service quality and product quality because they are our clients and customers, and our commitment to provide them the best of us.



Our Services


Supply and installation of industrial equipment, electronics and communications equipment, and industrial machines

Business development services including business module and specifying all possible scenarios with its result to make the right decision

Trading business, where MOERA export and import goods from/to the entire world. Also MOERA provide services for those people whom interesting in trading



MOERA will always support you and give the right proposal for your business because we understand your needs and we understand your business and we always make sure to provide you with our best services quality and our good warranty services we will be your first choice